• Saber Jlassi
    Saber Jlassi Founder

    Saber Jlassi is a California-based VFX artist and a Houdini instructor. Before becoming a freelancer he worked for Blizzard Animation as a Senior Technical Director writing tools and scripts to improve the Lighting, FX and Compositing pipeline, in addition to collaborating with Production to solve challenging tasks. Prior to this, he worked as a Senior Lighting TD at Framestore and Generalist TD at MPC in London.





  • Igor Zanic
    Igor Zanic Co-Founder

    Igor Zanic is Freelance FX artist based in Serbia, highly motivated, and committed, always full of crazy ideas that can solve the current task, eager to learn new technology and share it with others. Most known as Naiad artist, back in day when Naiad was open to public, after that he became a Houdini fluid artist doing water simulation.

    Evermotion interview

    CG-record  interview



Welcome to Rebelway,

Saber Jlassi and Igor Zanic are glad to announce the formation of REBELWAY CO, an online school that will focus on producing the most high-end online training.
Our goal is to teach Sidefx Houdini primarily along with high-end renderers like SolidAngle Arnold and realtime rendering technology like Unreal Engine 4.0.

We will be producing training material that focuses on creating high-end FX using Houdini as-well as teaching how to procedurally create high-end 3D Assets, shade, and light, and how to render them using various offline and real-time engines.

We are proud to announce our very first workshop aimed at teaching Procedural Assets Creation In HoudiniThis workshop is for all 3d Artists who want to dive into Houdini and use it for environment creation for VFX and Games.

“Learn And Challenge Your Self!”

Kind Regards,
Rebelway Team
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